So Things Happened…

I haven’t posted much here but that is going to change very soon. But before I get to that I should recap the last six months and talk a bit about what the near future holds.

As a lot of folks know by now, The East Coast Rumble had to be cancelled at the last minute. The morons at the venue screwed us with neglectful incompetence. Our point of contact left the Post without telling us and never reserved our weekend. He was a very spotty communicator to begin with so nothing seemed amiss. My only warning was when our deposit check went uncashed. Then came the panicked phone calls and the ultimate cancellation of the event.

Cleaning up from that was a major pain in the butt. A bunch of the Paypal registrations had been placed over 60 days before so they were beyond the refund period. Those early registrations had to be manually handled via sending the entire amount paid back via ‘Friends and Family’ and eating a service charge on each and every one. And Eventbrite, the site we used for event ticketing, is great, unless you need to cancel the event. Then you have to manually cancel each and every order before you can remove the event as a whole.

On the upside, a bunch of folks put together a replacement event at the last minute to make sure the Warmachine Weekend pass still got awarded to a deserving player. Jon LeClair, Mike Ireland, and Jason Aults really stepped up and helped make some really tasty lemonade for the community.

The core of the ECR planning staff is overall undeterred and we are looking at another try in March of 2017. We have found a decent venue in a new location and we’ll be doing a walkthrough in a few weeks. Our goal is to get registration open right after NoVa Open in September.

As far as local stuff goes, I’m hoping to use the imminent release of MK3 to revive the Warmachine and Hordes scene at Comic Store West. I have a release event planned for July 2nd, three days after the product is supposed to hit stores. According to Privateer, stores and distributors have ordered quantities that are far in excess of what they expected. As in they’ve sold through product that was supposed to last them through the fall. I’m hoping CSW doesn’t get hit too hard by the allocation bat, because I’d hate to let all the enthusiasm go to waste due to lack of product.

After the release we have a Journeyman League that will run through mid August. I’ll be playing Mercenaries since I own a vast quantity of them and this will provide impetus to get them built and painted.

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