July 2nd – Full Steam – Warmachine and Hordes Release Event

All New War

Help us celebrate the release of the new edition of Hordes and Warmachine with a day of tabletop chaos and carnage.

*Opponents will be paired by the Event Organizer (EO), similarly to the way it would be in a tournament. However, Full Steam is not a tournament.
*Rounds will be timed, but there will be no turn timing of any sort.
*Armies will be 75 points (about equal to 50 points in MK2).
*Games will use the scenarios found in Prime and Primal.
*Three awards: Best Player, Best Painted, and Best Sport.
*Players score points for completing in-game achievements.
*Player with most achievement points wins Best Player award.

This event is free for anyone who buys either one of the new Rulebooks (either Prime or Primal) or any of the new battlegroup boxes from Comic Store West. The cost will be $10 otherwise.

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