HobbyStreak2018.2 – Fulcrum Runes Pass 2

There was no way I was up for painting after the tournament Saturday night so the streak was broken. That’s the bad news. The good news is that I took Best Painted at the tournament! That was a total surprise. All my games were with excellent opponents as well. I clocked myself nearly every time so I just need to play faster and learn my army better.

With that lets move to the first entry in HobbyStreak 2 for 2018

When I first started the ink glaze on the runes I wasn’t at all happy with what I was seeing, so I switched to a more yellow formulation. But that didn’t really work either. What did work, however, was these two unsatisfactory glazes next to each other. So I just intermixed them across the entire rune pattern. And I’m really happy with it.

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