HobbyStreak 2018.1 – Day 4, 5, and 6 (kinda) – Catch up Post

This is a catch up post. I’ve been painting, just not posting.

Rune base coat is almost done.

Almost done with the initial pass on the runes. Next step is a highlight and then ink wash for color depth. But that is going to have to wait because I have a tournament on Saturday and I want to field some of my new finished (and almost finished) models.

A few final touches before battle

Got most of the bases done (without front arc markers) before Saturday’s tournament. The Satyr is essentially done, the Blackclads need some highlights on the gold and I need to finish their magic egg things, and the Woldwight needs some highlights and other final touches to crank up the contrast between sections. However, they are all more than done enough to use in the tournament.

Day Six was some more drybrushing on the bases but probably shouldn’t count. Not sure I put enough work in so I’m calling HobbyStreak 2018.1 finished.

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