HobbyStreak 2018.1 – Day 1 – Rip Horn Satyr

Circle Orboros Rip Horn Satyr Heavy Warbeast

Decided it was time to finish this guy. I have a tournament coming up on Saturday that I hope to field him in and he just needs a little more work. I had been stalled on this figure because I had all sorts of fancy ideas for his horns but I decided to set aside the perfect in favor of the good and finished.


  1. Jonathon LeClare

    I remember when this dude was first announced, he was going to be the end of days! Glad to see him with some paint!

    • We’ll see what he does on the table. I’m liking that they have really started to set the Satyrs up as support and power attack heavies, not so much about raw damage output.

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